Diplopia Experiments

This project explores parallels between human and machine visual interpretation. The title of the work Diplopia Experiments references the medical … More

video still from MYTH, MAGIC, MACHINES


MYTH, MAGIC, MACHINES is a visual essay about the production and consumption of visual media engaging with artificial intelligence. Combining … More


Cryptographics considers the recent phenomenon of cryptoart, which involves associating digital artefacts with blockchain, often tokenising artworks with non-fungible tokens … More

Memory Palace

Net art project produced in cooperation with Internet Moon Gallery. Based on the mnemonic technique of the same name, Memory … More


2015–2016 Artifacts is a wifi-based artwork, a collection of specimens which blur the lines between geological sample and digital anomaly. … More

The Cinematic Imaginary

2012 The Cinematic Imaginary employs a stroboscopic effect to make manifest picnoleptic lapses of consciousness. Projecting moving and still frames onto … More