Molten Media

Investigating the interrelated nature of the materiality and temporality of media apparatuses, Molten Media takes a deep-time view of a rapid-cycling throwaway culture: paradoxically obsessed with the accumulation and storage of codes, though the devices used to store and access them are considered disposable. In spite of the impression that our gadgets expire almost as quickly as they are created, the social and ecological byproducts of this phenomenon are far-reaching and present formidable challenges for the future.


Considering the methods through which data is encoded and decoded in matter, we also approach the material side of apparatuses which become increasingly intangible, yet litter the earth with pock-marks and mountains of e-waste. Projecting an alternate timescale for the media apparatus through investigative art making, this project seeks to reframe our relation to natural history, speculating potential outcomes and openings for alternative methods of media production and reception.

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