Absorption, Saturation, Toxicity, Elimination


Absorption, Saturation, Toxicity, Elimination examines modes of extraction and interpretation that are exerted on landscapes. It explores the technological metabolism of the earth: extracting data, chemicals, and organic compounds of value. The work looks at these themes through interrelationships between three different sites. A volcano proposed as a source of energy for bitcoin mining, lithium processing facilities, and the human body; alchemical processes mediating between stone and ether.

Becoming Geological
Opening Reception
24 November 19:00–21:00
v2_, Rotterdam

Becoming Geological: The Exhibition

Humankind has always been dirty and harshly geological, through intentional incorporation of earthly and thus cosmic elements (as part of medicinal or spiritual practices), and within a direct connection with a slowly changing earthly and cosmic environment. The earth authors us.
With the arrival of the questionable era of the anthropocene, marking another entry point into the planetary geological, new “natural” cycles are initiated. We literally inhale and ingest our own anthropogenic indicators – for example, as the particulate exhalations of burning forests, as isotopes from nuclear testing, as metallic dust from global extractions. These cycles are embedded in strange feedback loops and complex geo-algorithms informing climate catastrophe, and tense, global ecological conditions. Understanding this new nature for humankind involves a close examination and potential embrace of a becoming geological, becoming a-human.
Becoming Geological thus provokes new and ancient imaginaries for this essential relation of the human with the earth and with the cosmos, invoking becoming metal, becoming earth and becoming cosmic as potential and multiple ways of being and as active philosophies of the earth; an exploration of how to live and die within novel planetary and cosmic techno-cycles.
Becoming Geological: the exhibition marks, traces, invokes and unfolds these multiple routings and cycles of becoming through new and foundational artistic projects from six contemporary artists who interrogate and reflect on the close connections between technological, planetary, cosmic and earthly bodies, particles and imaginations.


Alfonso Borragán
Cecilia Jonsson
Rosemary Lee
Anaïs Tondeur
Sissel Marie Tonn
Rosa Whiteley

Curated by Martin Howse and Florian Weigl. Publicity design and images: Alice Cannava, Martin Howse, Martin Sulzer, Antti Tenetz(data)