Becoming Geological the book

A visual essay on modes of extraction and interpretation that are exerted on landscapes Absorption, Saturation, Toxicity, Elimination explores the technological metabolism of the earth: extracting data, chemicals, and organic compounds of value. The work looks at these themes through interrelationships between three different sites. A volcano proposed as a source of energy for bitcoin mining, lithium processing facilities, and the human body; alchemical processes mediating between stone and ether.

Becoming Geological

2022, V2_ Publishing
ISBN: 978-90-828935-6-4

Becoming Geological functions as a manual for a new relation of the human with the earth and with the cosmos, invoking becoming metal, becoming earth and becoming cosmic as potential and multiple ways of being and as active philosophies of the earth; a guide for how to live and die within new planetary and cosmic techno-cycles. This divinatory guide has its roots and veins in the lustrous earths and waters of the Tiny Mining community, a mineral exploration collective committed to the open source exploitation of the interior of the human body for rare earth resources.

Table Of Contents

Martin Howse – Preface: Mining dreams.

Becoming metal

Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko – Tiny Mining: Theory of the earth from a sweatshop – on practising becoming cosmic
– The dose makes the poison. Interview with Ines Tomašek
Aaron Parkhurst – Coffee and blood: A brief anthropological reading of Tiny Mining on and off-
– Anonymous sweatshop heavy metal test results
– Metals: Antimony, arsenic, copper, iron, lead, mercury, silver. Interview with a user

Becoming earth

Michael Marder – Geological Dis/Articulations
Elaine Tam and Arthur Gouillart – Filth
Thomas Moynihan – Orienting ourselves within life’s aeonic stream: or, what it means to have been produced by a planet
– Patricia MacCormack – From (immoral) Anthropos to ethical geo-stratum

Becoming cosmic

Rosemary Lee – Absorption, saturation, toxicity, elimination
Anaïs Tondeur and Marine Legrand – Mourning the infinite
Sissel Marie Tonn – We are all bog bodies
Rosa Whiteley – Pollution-altered allures
Alfonso Borragán – Stomach inside rock stomach
Cecilia Jonsson – Petrified

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