Behind the Algorithmic Image @ IDSA x Ars Electronica FOUNDING LAB

The recent tendency towards algorithmic forms of image-making builds upon longstanding tendencies in visual culture that shape the way we think about images and the processes behind them. This presentation looks at the adoption of machine learning and the wider themes surrounding artificial intelligence in contemporary artistic practice and contextualises current technical developments in relation to the history of art, visual technologies, and theories of the image.


Summer School & Forum
August 23 – September 13, 2023
Linz, Austria

The FOUNDING LAB Summer School was the inaugural event for Fellows and Students and culminated in the FOUNDING LAB Forum as the central component of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival. It benefitted from the inspiring atmosphere of the festival with its manifold exhibitions, performances, concerts, and discursive programs.

Expert talks

In the Expert Talks, the summer school students are inspired to reflect on the bigger picture context of academic investigation by thinkers, makers, technologists, artists, scientists, and policy makers. The experts share their experience, give exclusive insights into their fields and challenge the students to ask their own questions. In the discussion rounds following the lectures, the students have the opportunity to develop their joint approach to the big challenges of our time.


75 students and 20 Fellows from different countries, cultures, research disciplines, art, business and civil society made the Summer School and Forum exactly what IDSA and Ars Electronica had hoped for: an inspiring kick-off for a new university that is characterized by openness to dialogue, inclusion, and innovation from the very start.