The Algorithmic State: Adversarial Aesthetics

February 29, 12pm EST
Guest Speakers: Rosemary Lee, Nadja Verena Marcin, and Joanna Zylinska

Join us for this thought-provoking panel discussion that highlights the intersections of technology and aesthetics within the framework of what is known as Adversarial Aesthetics. Joanna Zylinska, an artist and media philosopher acclaimed for her provocative text, AI Art: Machine Visions and Warped Dreams, will explore the algorithmic state of perception outlined in her latest book, The Perception Machine, while calling for a reevaluation of the artist’s role in the digital era. Nadja Verena Marcin, the creator of #SOPHYGRAY, a feminist voice bot, will speak about her innovative approach, combining technology and feminist discourse. Trained to hold conversations about identity, art, and feminism. #SOPHYGRAY answers questions in a surprising, philosophical, and humorous way from various feminist perspectives, adding a unique layer to our understanding of digital communication. Alongside them, Rosemary Lee, an artist and media researcher whose work examines the narrative of art and technology, will share insights from her forthcoming book, Algorithm, Image, Art, and her new project, A Structural Plan for Imitation. These leading voices shed light on how digital technologies influence and are influenced by cultural narratives, ethical considerations, and artistic innovation, offering their perspectives in an increasingly algorithmic world. Register for the event here.

Series of panel discussions concerning the rise of artificial intelligence and its cultural and social impact, hosted by Isin Önol, with leading artists, theorists, and technical experts.

Algorithmic State panelists, 1st row/2nd row, top/bottom: Claire L. Evans, Yasaman Sheri, Mindy Seu, Joanna Zylinska, Nadja Verena Marcin, Rosemary Lee, Vladan Joler, Stephanie Dinkins, Josh Kline, Nora N. Kahn, Helen Starr, and Joasia Krysa